Welcome to the world of Litania!

Litania is a world of magic and mystery, of romance and high adventure!  Litania is vast, with areas never before visited by civilized beings.  There are kingdoms where the Gods of Light hold sway and castles shine in the sun.  There are lands ruled by The Dark where the folk suffer under terrible oppression.  There are taverns with good food, strong drink, and the music of bards singing tales of heroes.

Step into Litania and make your mark on it!

Litania is a D&D campaign using 5th edition rules.  It's a fantasy sword & sorcery campaign in the classic D&D style.  We plan on meeting every other week on a day to be decided, quite probably a Saturday afternoon, but the day of the week is still open.

We plan to use the Roll20 web site for much of the in-game play (http://www.roll20.net)  Roll20 is free to use, so there will not be any additional cost.  Roll20 is usable on laptops and tablets.

You will need a copy of the D&D 5th edition Player's Handbook at some point.  I have a copy that I will make available during game sessions as needed, and you can also find much of the content on the 5th Edition SRD (http://www.5esrd.com/)



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